Industrial Floor lamp – Victorian Torch 230

Industrial Floor lamp – Victorian Torch 230

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Handmade industrial tripod floor lamp "Victorian Torch" series vintage industrial (Vintastrial) by Konstantios Travlos.

Maximum height: 145 cm.

Recommended Lamps:
We recommend the decorative vintage series lamp tube or the corresponding vintage led series where you can adjust the light output in your room.

The impressive floor lamp "Victorian Torch" is a modern, unique design inspiration that combines industrial materials with the Victorian style that has the final picture of that torch. Made of industrial materials in black matte color. Floor standing torch shaped luminaire tailored to a tripod that both its style and color refer to Victorian times with their strength, wealth, intense warm light and passion. Characteristic of the lamp is the switch lanyard mechanism where it pulls it down and switches off the lamp.

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The handmade floor lamp "Victorian Torch" is a special lamp design but its final image allows it to fit perfectly into several styles of decoration and dynamically indicate its presence either on or off as in minimal or maxi modern and traditional spaces, industrial loft, where both terrestrial stone materials, concrete, wood, metal dominate the space or even in more classical styles such as Victorian, vintage.