The lighting workshop Konstantios - handmade lamps started on 2011 after a 5 year term procession in interior design in Athens and Chios. After a long term of disigning and decorating apartments and bars, realized my interesting in constructing handmade lamps which kind of interest and love was growing day by day and made me feel complete. As a graduated interior designer from the Greek fine art college AKTO with studies in interior and industrial design, while constructing my handmade lamps i use all my knowledge which is so important for the right proportions and decorative style for each one different style space which i am called to construct lamps. The right one lamps which are not going to be only a unique and interesting jwellery in the space but also to operate well the owners lighting needs.
Deliberation of the spaces that will fit my luminaires for the correct light output to them, depending on the use and style you want to perform, according to the architecture and the aesthetics of each room. (Architectural, decorative, atmospheric, only functional coke)

Delivering suggestions on 3D pictures, where the space is imprinted on them just as they are or as you wish to convert them (in case of renovation) with the luminaires and the exact light output to it.

Frequent communication with you or with the architect / decorator who has undertaken the renovation of your space.

Delivering and fitting your luminaires in your space - wherever you are - for massive lighting orders in case you do not work with an electrician.